Aggregate Piers and Vibro Compaction (AMPier)

WEC is expanding its vibro business to include all of the southeastern US. We have teamed with Betterground, Inc. that has been in the ground improvement business since the origins of the vibroflot in the 1930’s, utilizing the best equipment on the market and their extensive engineering expertise. Please give us a call for all of your vibrocompaction, aggregate pier or rigid inclusion needs.

Aggregate piers consist of placement of columns of compacted aggregate on a close spacing to improve soil conditions. Ground settlement can be reduced and bearing capacities increased. Aggregate piers can be a cost effective alternate to over excavation and replacement or deep foundations. They can also be effective in reducing liquifaction potential. 

Vibro compaction is performed using similar equipment to aggregate piers, yet the objective is to densify the existing ground.

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