AMPiers® - Aggregate Piers, Vibro Compaction,  Rigid Inclusions and VibroDrain

WEC has teamed with Betterground, Inc. to use vibro techniques for ground improvement. WEC has trademarked the name AMPier® to represent our vibro installation techniques. AMPiers® consist of compacted stone columns installed and controlled using an electric vibratory probe (vibroflot). Depending on ground conditions, AMPiers® may be installed either in predrilled holes or through a bottom feed process where stone is introduced through the vibratory probe. Upon reaching the design depth, the aggregate is compacted in lifts utilizing an up and down motion. As the aggregate is compacted, the power draw of the vibratory probe increases in relation to the density/stiffness of the aggregate and host soils. Monitoring of the corresponding increase in amperage allows for real-time quality control of the stone columns as well as allowing the installer to vary column stiffness and diameter based on the soil response. This install process also ensures column continuity as discontinuites may be located and addressed based on the response amperage. Design assumptions are verified through load testing and real time quality control monitoring. 

Vibro compaction is performed using similar equipment to aggregate piers, yet the objective is to densify the existing ground.

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VibroDrain consists of a combination of aggregate piers/vibrocompaction and pressure dissipating drains. 

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