Wurster Engineering & Construction, Inc. is an employee owned company and began in 1997. WEC presently employs four professional engineers and three project managers with backgrounds in geotechnical construction, geotechnical equipment, mining and vibro compaction. WEC specializes in design/build, geotechnical construction including compacted aggregate piers, AMPier®, vibro compaction, rigid inclusions, soil nail walls, micropiles, tieback anchors, slope stabilization, rock and ground anchors, shotcrete, grouting and augercast piles.   Our drilling equipment includes wide array of track mounted, hydraulic drill rigs, and two drill rig attachments.  WEC also has grouting equipment, shotcrete equipment, air compressors and material moving equipment. We have shotcrete nozzleman who have been certified by the American Shotcrete Association. Most of our work is performed with our in-house crews and equipment. 

WEC has offices in Greenville, SC; Asheville, NC; Tampa, FL and Charleston, SC. We perform work in the southeastern United States. Please call us if you need assistance solving a shoring, foundation or ground improvement problem. 

WEC operates as Wurster Construction, Inc. in the state of North Carolina. Contact us at (864) 627-7751.

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