Tieback Anchors

Tieback anchors can be used for a variety of purposes such as soldier pile and tieback walls for shoring and patterned ground anchors for landslide stabilization. Essentially, tieback anchors extend through ground that is moving or has the potential to move and anchors to ground beyond the potential zone of movement. Tieback anchors can be solid bar or strand in a wide variety of sizes to match the required strength. 

Tieback anchors typically have an unbonded zone extending though the ground that is potentially moving and a bonded zone extending into and deriving support from the ground beyond the potential zone of movement. Tiebacks can extend through and be bonded in soil as well as rock. Tiebacks are usually installed by drilling and grouting methods. In rock, tremie grouting is sufficient. In soil, single or multiple post grouting after the initial tremie grouting can develop additional pullout capacity.  

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